Donation usage

Summary of the governor’s remarks at the scheduled briefing on July 31

I would like to thank you for your support and contributions towards the Shuri Castle restoration project.
With the consent of the prefectural assembly, Okinawa Prefectural Government is planning to establish Shuri Castle restoration funds and preparing for the restoration project using donations.
In order to restore Shuri Castle as soon as possible, and following the project plan, Okinawa Prefectural Government is working together with the Japanese government to undertake restoration of Shuri Castle under national park facility projects, and is planning to utilize donations.
We would like to ask for your continued support, understanding, and assistance in this project.

Policy for Okinawa Prefecture Shuri Castle Restoration Funds

This policy has been decided to maximize usage of the Okinawa Shuri Castle Restoration Funds (Okinawa Prefecture Ordinance Article 3 passed on March 16, 2020. Hereinafter referred to as “funds”) after the Shuri Castle fire (a fire that involved Seiden and other related buildings inside the National Okinawa Memorial Park: Shurijo Castle Park and which took place on October 31, 2019. The same description applies to the fire referred to hereinafter).

 (Core policy for funds usage)
Article 1: Since these funds are from donations from people inside and outside of the country wishing for prompt recovery of Shuri Castle from the fire, the money should be utilized following Article 1 of the prefectural ordinance related to the funds in order to respect donators’ wishes.

 (Usage of the funds)
Article 2: Following Article 1 regarding the core policy, the funds will be utilized for the restoration project especially in the area where reconstruction of the national park has received the agreement of the Japanese government.
  (1) Sourcing wooden materials for the reconstruction of Seiden (main hall)
  (2) Sourcing red-roof tiles for the reconstruction of Seiden
  (3) Reconstruction projects related to external decorative sculpture such as Dai Ryuchu stone sculptures, and wooden decorations in Karahafu Tsuma-kazari (embellishment of gable pediments), and pottery used in Ryuto Muna-kazari (dragon-head ornaments)
  (4) Restoration of decor inside the castle building, including Hengaku (decorative tablets)
  (5) Other projects related to restoration of Seiden, Hokuden (north hall), and Nanden (south hall)
For the restoration project stated above, traditional skills and techniques which have been passed down in Okinawa Prefecture will be used.

 (Budgetary measures)
Article 3: In order to utilize the funds for this project, the decision will be made by a governmental office division for each plan.

 (Management of funds)
Article 4: Management of the funds is carried out by the Urban Planning and Parks Division, Department of Civil Engineering and Construction.

 (Publication of information such as usage of the funds)
Article 5: Divisions which plan to use the funds stated in Article 2 must publish usage of the funds immediately after the plan is completed.
Information will be published using the Okinawa Prefectural Government official website, press releases, and SNS platforms.

Article 6: Usage of funds that are not explicitly mentioned in this policy can be decided by the governor of Okinawa Prefecture.

      Supplementary provision
 This policy is effective from July 30, 2020.